3 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Living Room


January 6, 2023

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Struck with inspiration to update your living room but don’t have the time and energy for a complete renovation? We love curating spaces with a refreshed look here at She’s Got an Eye, and we’re here today to share one of our secrets: The difference you can make to a space by using a throw (or two) and some pillows.


These accessories offer a great way to experiment with different colors or patterns — and since they don’t require the same commitment as changing your walls or flooring, you may feel emboldened to opt for something bolder than you’d normally choose. As well as contrasting colors or patterns, you can experiment with different textures, such as knitted and woolen fabrics.

Use layers

If you want that magazine worthy look, it’s all about the layers. Placing a single extra-large throw isn’t going to have the same effect as multiple throws and pillows positioned artfully on your sofa. You might use one throw to cover the entire seat, then drape a couple of extra throws across more casually. 

Switch things up

It’s also easy to switch up your style regularly.   See what speaks to you, what feels good in your space.  We love to see clients refresh their main living spaces every year or pull in seasonal decor. Why not choose a cozy, faux fur aesthetic for winter and bright colors for the summer months?  

Pro tip: If you don’t want to store lots of bulky pillows when they’re not in use, just buy the pillow covers instead.

Following the steps above might sound easy enough, but many people get frustrated and give up when attempting interior design. If you’d like some guidance for the process, get in touch with She’s Got an Eye today for a complimentary consultation. 

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